/ by Michael Arthur


This June features Symphonic Sundays here at Joe’s Pub. It’s a new series running June 2, 9, 23 & 30 that pairs TONY TRISCHKA, RAUL MIDON and KELLI SCARR with the 16-piece orchestral pop outfit MOTHER FALCON. On June 30 Mother Falcon will perform Radiohead’s  OK Computer in full. It’s going to be eeeeeeeeeeeepic and you should obviously join us! Tickets are on sale nowListen to a song from the first night of the series with special guest, banjo legend Tony Trischka while you enjoy the drawings above from our archival artist Michael Arthur.


***JUNE 9 KELLI SCARR*** Singer-songwriter Kelli Scarr will take centerstage with Mother Falcon complimenting her ethereal vocal chops with a sweeping orchestral sound. Scarr has collaborated with Moby on the song “Wait For Me,” was nominated for an EMMY Award and NPR Music compared her album Dangling Teeth to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon.

***JUNE 23 RAUL MIDON*** Raul Midón will step up to the microphone backed by Mother Falcon to unleash his silky, soulful tenor and dazzling percussive guitar. Midón uses a syncopated, flamenco, and jazz-infused style in which bass, harmony, and melodic lines emanate from the fretboard. His signature improvisational mouth horn technique, in which he creates a bebop “trumpet” solo entirely with his lips, has earned him applause from audiences worldwide. It’s a virtuoso performance, and one that reveals what has made Midón such an exciting artist to watch over the past few years.

***JUNE 30 OK COMPUTER*** Mother Falcon will cap off Symphonic Sundays and celebrate its critically acclaimed new release You Knew with an epic tribute to Radiohead’s 1997, Grammy Award winning album OK Computer played in its entirety.

ABOUT MOTHER FALCON: Mother Falcon includes three cellos, six violins, pianos, a horn section, a bassoon and a glockenspiel. Born in Austin, Texas, Mother Falcon began to coalesce around multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Gregg while the members were still teenagers, coming together via orchestral and chamber music classes. Composing as a collective, the 18 piece ensemble includes several multi-instrumentalists, and most players contribute vocals as well. Guitarist/pianist Claire Puckett, accordionist/pianist Tamir Kalifa and percussionist/saxophonist Issac Winburne form the creative core along with Nick Gregg. “Its songs shimmer and boom with infectious joy…crafting impeccable, surprisingly airy three-minute pop songs…positively spills over with ideas and enthusiasm.” – NPR Music