/ by Michael Arthur


Michael Arthur (Inklines) reporting again today from assignment on the West Coast. :) In case you missed the exciting news that’s shaking the internet to its foundations, Joe’s Pub is looking for artists who wanna come and draw the musicians, actors, dancers, talking heads and performances beyond description that nightly take to our stage!

Today’s art come from Children’s book author and artist Deb Lucke. The drawings Deb sent us remind me a little of John Lennon’s whimsical cartoons and doodles. They’re simple and wobbly, but full of character and movement. And, keep in mind, it takes a lot of skill and craft to look simple. Deb’s website has several galleries that display a wide range of work. It’s well worth the time to wander through. I wanna check out her children’s book too!

I hope Deb can join us on November 19th for the Balthrop, Alabama show! Do you draw? Do you want to draw at Joe’s Pub? Send us your work and we’ll share it! But hurry—you only have a few days left before we move to stage 2 of this project …