/ by Michael Arthur


Michael Arthur (Inklines) here, sharing more art we’ve been receiving in response to our call for artists who want to come and draw performers at Joe’s Pub. We’re a little less than a week away from the live drawing event with Balthrop, Alabama at Joe’s Pub and so we’re in the home stretch!

Today’s drawings were submitted by artist/cartoonist Jennifer Cruté, who I actually met a few months back at my studio in Red Hook. It was a sweet coincidence that she saw our call for artists and reached out to share her work.

Jen’s an indie artist who displays multiple styles and tones and they’re all wondrous, subversive and innovative. She’s one of those people who has talent and buzz and you just sort of feel like her vision is going to explode at any moment. It’s a real privilege to share some of her work here.

Jen’s self-published graphic novel is a stew of autobiography and cultural curating, her accomplished illustrations are clean, colorful and filled with character and her paintings are imaginative and visionary. I also love that she’s a subway sketcher, passing her transit time in pen and ink. Jen recently started a Tumblr page and has begun sharing her work here. You should follow her! 

I hope Jen can join us next week for the big Balthrop, Alabama show at Joe’s Pub. There will be draw-ers in the house—and on the stage!