/ by Michael Arthur


Michael Arthur (Inklines) Guest Blogging again today to share some more drawings from the submissions we’ve been receiving in our search for more people who want to come and draw at Joe’s Pub.

Today, I’m sharing the drawings of A.E.Kieren who has a lovely loose style and a keen eye. His drawings of NY nightlife are moody and full of character. His Tumblr page is dedicated to his Boston Terrier, but his website has galleries of his illustration work; check it out here.

I hope A.E. can join us (as our guest) for the Balthrop, Alabama show on November 19th.

By the way, we’ve extended the deadline for submissions. It’s just been too much fun looking at all these wonderful drawings; we figured, the more the merrier! If you’re interested in submitting and coming to draw at Joe’s Pub, send us your work!