/ by Michael Arthur


Michael Arthur here (Inklines on Tumblr). I’m the Pub’s Archival Artist and I will be going through and sharing the many wonderful submissions we’ve been receiving in our search for artists who like to draw music. If you haven’t heard, we’re hoping to bring more folks in to draw at Joe’s Pub. You can check out the details here.

That said, check out the Tumblr page of Ami Plasse (AmiRocks). Whoah! I love these drawings—not least because many of them come from Austin, Texas, where I spent most of the nineties. Ami’s drawings and animation are immediate, cartoon-like madness that really capture the moment. Scroll through to see all sorts of approaches to capturing the spirit of a live  musical moment!


Even more Melvins from the Mohawk - 8.9.13

Source: http://amidrawstx.tumblr.com/post/58183470...