/ by Michael Arthur


Here are two views of Carly Simon—from the same show—in performance at Joe’s Pub. Up top is a shot from our Man-Behind-The-Lens, Kevin Yatarola and down below is a drawing, sketched in pen and ink from the booth during the show by me—Joe’s Pub’s archival artist (and Tumblr curator), Michael Arthur ( inklines ).

Live performance is an ephemeral thing; it exists in the moment and then it’s gone. At Joe’s Pub, we’re dedicated to archiving our performances in unique ways—and Kevin and I enjoy working to preserve the memories!

Loser’s Lounge continues their tribute to Carly Simon and Linda Ronstadt with THREE shows today!

My drawing of Carly Simon (w Kevin Yatarola’s pic of her)…one of the rare examples of Kevin and I catching the same moment ( more or less)….