/ by Michael Arthur



The Drama League asked me to draw the rehearsals for their gala Monday night, a celebration in honor of Neil Patrick Harris. The drawings will be offered as auction items at the Gala. Many surprises are planned (and many unplanned surprises are expected).

And so it came to pass that I spent two days this week drawing in the Ripley Grier studios with Broadway veterans putting on a show. Old friends and colleagues came together! New friendships were forged! Stories were swapped! Choreography was learned! Ad-libs were crafted! Sondheim songs were sung again and again and again and again until they sounded just right. And it all happened in the (sometimes) tiny rooms of Ripley Grier studios… .

Reblogging this because the gala in honor of Neil Patrick Harris is tonight and all of these drawings go on Auction when it starts. Guess you have to be there to bid, but I’m glad I get to share them via Tumblr …