/ by Michael Arthur

Behind the Scenes: My Stop Motion Breakdown.

These are a bunch of pictures I took while making the stop motion video for Ed Romanoff’s song I Must Have Done Something Right. You can see it here. The song is about a wedding toast made by a lifelong friend who is less than savory. When Ed asked me to make a video I listened to the song and thought it would be fun to make it about a guy and his dog—Ed had just adopted a sweet puppy around the time—but put a twist on it in that the dog was kind of a dawg.

Anyways, I spent a few weeks drawing while listening to the song with this idea in mind and then I sort of free form improvised during the shooting process. It would be nice to say that I had a plan, but the truth is, I just started playing with the drawings—turning them in to set pieces and puppets—and experimented with the camera angles and I let the ideas take me where they would. The video is sort of a performance in a way—I shot the scenes in order and went with it …