Drummer / by Michael Arthur


Michael Arthur (Inklines) here again this morning checking in from the West Coast with some more sketchbook drawings of musicians from folks who want to come in and draw at Joe’s Pub.

Today’s drawing comes from Jessica Herzfeld. It’s part of a small Flickr set that she submitted for us to look at. I love the challenge of drawing drummers. It’s pretty good practice for getting your circles-in-perspective correct—and the relationship of the drummer to his or her kit is always a challenge. Also, drummers are frequently working from the back of the stage, blocked from view by their instruments and the rest of the band. So, here’s to the drummers!

Do you want your art featured here on our blog? Do you want to come and draw at Joe’s Pub? Well send us some samples of your work and join us for the Balthrop, Alabama show on November 19! Details here!